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Director, Commercial Properties
Oversees day-to-day operations and asset management of commercial properties and lessees and the vacant lot portfolio, including supervising assigned staff. Provides facilities management supervision, responsible for community engagement, and serves as the primary relationship manager for commercial tenants. Ensures the buildings and grounds are appropriately maintained. Acts as the primary contact for commercial tenants, potential buyers and temporary lessees. Performs a broad range of managerial and professional work.
• Provide overall direction and supervision for the day-to-day management of commercial properties, vacant land portfolio and develop and maintain database of vacant land appraisals and property values.
• Supervises customer service and facility maintenance staff and the daily operations and functions of the portfolio.
• Establishes procedures for appropriately responding to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise.
• Oversees the activities and manages contracts for vendor services: extermination, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, utilities, vending machines, security and window washing, and develops and implements plans for routine maintenance and repairs.
• Responsible for managing and maximizing value of rooftop leases and maintaining relationships with lessees.
• Negotiates and oversees contracts for temporary use of vacant lots including for events, film/tv production.
• Ensures all projects are delivered on time, within scope, and within budget.
• Develops and manages portfolio budgets; tracks and analyze expenses and revenues; and regularly reports status and financial health to executives.
• Executes marketing plan and overall positioning and messaging strategy for property marketing materials, including market and property-level analysis, appraisals and other documents needed for sales of properties and vacant land.
• Investigates and resolves complaints or inquiries concerning the operations of the portfolio.
• Develops and implements business development strategies to accelerate growth of commercial according to Authority’s goals and objectives, including conducting market research, analysis, and detailed business plans identifying opportunities to expand business through mergers, partnership and new markets.
• Performs other duties, as required.
  • Academic Level: Bachelors
  • Industry Experience: Other industries not listed
Requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience with a minimum of five (5) to seven (7) years of commercial property management experience. Preferred Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) or Certified Property Manager (CPM) certifications. Must be able to track and manage multiple tasks daily and provide excellent follow-up and customer service. Must have general knowledge of business, management, marketing, finance, and accounting including budgeting activities and experience in planning, prioritizing, and organizing a complex workload. Effective verbal, written, interpersonal communication skills are needed.
The position may require weekends, nights, or be on-call as a regular part of the position. Must have a valid Illinois driver’s license in good standing and be able to drive a vehicle.

Salary Range: $105,000-$115,000
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